Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Brentwood Angels

The Brentwood Angels - that's what the volunteers at the Unicorn Boutique call us now.  Doesn't that have a nice ring to it?  Liz, Kathy and Helen (one of our newest members) filled up their vehicles with lots of donations from our club members and made the 3-hour drive to Wartburg, Tennessee.  Jacqui coordinated the event but wasn't able to make the trek.

Helen, Liz and Bob unloading the goods.

Our donations filled up the kitchen.

Helen, getting the full-on initiation into the club.

 It takes a village...

Shelby Melhorn, founder of Unicorn Fund, Inc.

Kodak moment with Shelby

Below are a few photos of the Unicorn Boutique.  If you haven't been yet, you really ought to go.  In addition to being well-organized and totally cute, the boutique provides a wonderful service to the town of Wartburg.  There are lots of people in Wartburg who struggle financially and at the boutique they are able to buy needed items for around $1.00 or less.  The proceeds are used to help fund many Unicorn Fund projects, such as scholarships.  Check out the Unicorn Fund blog to see some of the other great things they're doing.