Saturday, February 15, 2014

Operation Smile 2014

This year's Operation Smile Event that took place on January 16th was epic!  We had a record number of volunteers:  20 Brentwood Woman Club members and 54 volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  We had a record number of service hours - well over 250 hours!  We also made a record number of items to donate and send to Operation Smile: 70 gowns, 100 no-no armbands, and 100 dolls.  The total donation was valued at $1050.00.  The club also donated a check for $600.00 to go towards cleft palate surgeries.

Click here if you would like to make a private donation.  Click here if you would like to check into volunteering opportunities for your club or group.

These dolls and the arrangement of them kind of sums up what the event is all about - lots of women working together to help others.

Here's the only picture that we have of Kathy (on left above), who organized the event with the help of Jean (not pictured).



Terri is a return volunteer and she is a machine!  She sewed the entire four hours and we're not sure that she even took a lunch break.  Then she asked if we would mind if she took a 'few things' home to finish.  A few weeks later she returned to us a bag of finished items: 8 gowns and 55 armbands!  She made more than half of the total armbands that we sent to Operation Smile!  We had no idea she had taken so many things home, and we have no idea how many hours she worked on those things.  Wow!

This year we added a pre-event preparation day.  Mary, our former President, helped cut out dolls and then took a bunch of them home to sew them up so they would be ready for stuffing.  She also made additional gowns after the event.  We're not sure that she took a lunch break during the event either!

Liz, our dedicated president.

Genma was a big hit with the kiddies.  We provide childcare so that the moms can focus on their sewing and socializing while at the event.

 Piles of finished gowns

A new banner for next year?