Sunday, January 22, 2017

2016 Accomplishments in Education

1.       Our club continues to raise funds to build our endowment at Columbia State Community College which we created in 2014.  The endowment’s purpose is to benefit the neediest of our local females, be they recent high school graduates or women who are seeking to improve their career opportunities.  We presented our donation this year at our major fund-raiser in May to promote our efforts in education to members in attendance.

2.       We provided a $1000 to Unicorn Fund’s Scholarship program in Wartburg, TN.   In years past we paid our scholarship dollars directly to the college or community college the recipient attended.  So as not to diminish the what the Tennessee Promise scholarship program would pay, we send our donated funds directly to the Unicorn Fund and expect an accounting for how our funds were used to benefit the recipient  directly for out of pocket expenses associated with her college attendance.  Two members attended the Fund’s Scholarship Award Brunch.

3.        We collected “Boxtops for Education” for our local schools.

4.       We collected over 500 books for the GFWC of TN book tree, soliciting from our members, the public, and the Friends of the Brentwood Library.

5.       We publicized GFWC of Tennessee’s scholarship, and GFWC’s Success for Survivors criteria and application via emails and press releases. 

6.       We  offered a $1000 grant to local domestic violence shelters for a survivor who needed financial assistance for education or job training.  

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