Friday, March 9, 2018

Artist in Residency Program

Centennial High students in a PhotoVoice project.

The Brentwood/Franklin Woman's Service Club is pleased to support the Arts Council of Williamson County and its Artist in Residency program.

This year's program is being led by Jen Vogus who is teaching special education students at Centennial High School in a participatory photography method known as Photovoice.  This method gives voice to individuals who typically do not have one in their community.  This arts-approach utilizes the power of photography as a catalyst for self-expression and invites individuals to capture and share details about their lives and perspectives that might otherwise be difficult for them to convey.

Join us April 3 when Nan Zierdon, president of the Arts Council, updates us on this project and other programs of the council.

For more info on the Arts Council, go to their web-site:

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